Friday, November 18, 2011

Out of Sight & Mind...

This is a design detail I LOVE – over and over again… The designers of yesteryear had it soooo right. By building shutters into the architecture of the room, you have them when you want them, and don’t when you don’t.

The ones I’ve seen are usually paneled in the out-facing position and louvered inside – the ultimate in flexibility without sacrificing style. The panels alone are pretty. So much so, you may even forget why they’re there (the upper one hangs slightly open above SJP)

I’m recreating this look for one of my clients right now – using a series of tall reclaimed panels to frame around her two front windows. If only we had enough of them to do ALL the windows. I can’t wait to see them installed – they’re gonna look amazing!

I’ve considered disappearing shutters before, but to build them in, you HAVE to plan ahead (enlist the cabinet guy for millwork and the contactor to frame and hang.

I have no idea why a brilliant idea like this one got lost in the passing of time. It’s the perfect combination of beauty, function, and universal appeal – old world charm or contemporary if designed with a minimalist in mind.

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