Friday, November 4, 2011

I Know What I Like...

And I like scallops… I’m not sure wherever they appear, I’m in.

Years ago I found Catherine Hammerton’s scalloped wallpaper, shown just behind her here, and ever since I’ve vowed someday to have it in my home. It’s amazing… The tactile nature of it coming up off the wall is compelling and unpredictable. I’ve even considered having it framed as art – because it is.

Well I’m seeing double... This lamp by Hector Serrano looks familiar... How cute is this? I wish I could buy the shade by itself. – I could find all sorts of places to put it. And this white lacquered number is no shrinking violet... It’s made from layers of thin steel. BUT the best part? The light travels between the petals as well as down. Just imagine how it looks at night… I Love, love LOVE it.

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