Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Here in NYC, the land of less space than normal people have, I often find myself considering alternatives and compromises. The kitchen is a prime spot for that.

I want it ALL.. an island and a table, but in many instances, it’s one or the other. Day to day, an island with bar stools would be great, but I also love flopping down at a long table. Plus there’s this dilemma - what about dinner parties?

I’ve seen the “island as table” before and seriously considered it when planning the layout for my current apartment. In the end I chose the” table as island” configuration after factoring in resale. I hated to prevent the next owner from having a table, BUT this idea still really intrigues me…

Lynda Reeves’s kitchen featured in House & Home, has a 12-foot island with custom chairs. Here even the backside of the island functions as table - open on the bottom to allow for seating with storage drawers underneath. I like this a lot, but how would I feel about elevated seating over time? I’m not quite sure…

I ran across another option recently in one of my favorite antique stores – a vintage architect’s table. The underside had a crank so the table could be raised and lowered – island one minute and table the next. This concept is perfect and worth exploring. All I need is someone to work with me to create a stylish one, and I’m all set.

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