Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stainless Paralysis…

Since stainless steel appliances became all the rage it seems we all have a one track mind… Although I appreciate the look, the upkeep is nooooo fun. I prefer going undercover – custom panels are my top pick, except for the stove.

I have the white painted Viking variety – surprise, surprise…. It disappears into the cabinetry, passes the resale test, and looks fantastic. People always ask about my stove because ever since the stainless steel craze started, painted is Different… You pay a bit more to customize, but to me, it’s worth it for style and for sanity when it comes to looking clean.

But what about color?

On the premiere episode Home by Novagratz on HGTV, they designed a beach house with girly pastel accents - a pale pink Blue Star Stove and a powder blue retro Smeg frig. The colors pop, making a very simple kitchen fun. After all why not take risks, especially in a vacation space?

When looking for an image of their kitchen, I saw a number of comments like – “I Love the stove - where can I get one?” The answer is simple – the same place you get a stainless one, but ask to customize the color. Their stove is a Bluestar which is available in a whopping 190 colors, and surprisingly it’s not just the color that’s customizable, the knobs are too….

The website is great. You can see the colors online, purchase a color swatch book, and once you narrow your selection, order metal swatches.

This is too much fun… See for yourself:

To view the 190 colors:

To see the options and customize your look:

To buy swatches and the swatch book:

Way back when, colored appliances were king. We had avocado green ones growing up, but today we as a society have gone colorless - aka stainless. Well not anymore….

PS: Check out Home by Novagratz on HGTV and here:


Unknown said...

I LOVED the beach house on Home by Novogratz! I especially loved the pink stove. Who knew you could get a stove in so many different colors. I didn't realize it was 190 until I read your blog. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Giesen said...

I did not realize that ether. I also learned from Viking that you can alo have the stove sprayed at an autobody shop.

CrisG in CA said...

let's hear it for color! stainless steel appliances are overdone and uninspired.