Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Since When?

Since when did a pool go on the list of I wish I had amenities? Well as soon as I saw this….

Outdoor space of any kind is a luxury here. Very few have it to begin with, especially the usable kind where you actually have enough space to enjoy. This is one better – lots of space for entertaining, trees, and flowers and then some - enough for a pool. I love the glass wall that maximizes the view and how about the umbrella? It’s cute, and perfect for enjoying the sun when you have skin that fries in an instant like mine…

Our building has a roof deck that’s peaceful, green, and beautiful. It has an unobstructed view of the skyline, the planetarium, the park, and the river. I love going up there, and each time I do, I’m thankful. BUT in this weather you can’t help but think of lounging somewhere under an umbrella near water - just like this. That’s pure dreaming I know, well unless you’re lucky enough to have friends like these…

For more images of this amazing home, check out the July/August issue of New York Spaces.

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