Friday, July 8, 2011

Light and Airy

To end this week of door talk, here is another of my favorites – pockets. This Manhattan apartment combination, featured in Architectural Digest, maximized the open airy feeling and lightness in every way by using pocket doors and frosted glass.

Pockets are amazing space-savers and great for giving you flexibility when it comes to furniture placement - no door swing work-arounds needed. I’m absolutely hooked on them, so I put them in wherever I can… These pockets fave frosted transoms above them too so no light is wasted.

The placement of the doors separating the dining and den spaces here is VERY familiar to me. In fact my own apartment is set up the very same way, but mine has a mantle in between. By placing the right door opening next to the window the light freely travels between rooms, and whether you keep the space open or close it up, the brightness remains. In addition, having the ability to see into the next room and out the window is also key - the space appears larger, and the views are more grand. I Love this concept again and again in a traditional or contemporary space.

BUT check out the second image and then look back at the first. The wall between the den and the hall is made of frosted panels too (or maybe pivot doors - I can’t tell). This allows light to flood into an otherwise dark hallway. Can you say brilliant?

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