Monday, July 25, 2011

5 Easy Pieces…

I have a crush on these chairs – vintage and super chic. Just like this room by Jennifer Post featured in Luxe – minimalist with 5 simple elements.

Donna Karan started her line with 5 easy pieces. The principle fits here too:
1. Table
2. Chairs
3. Chandelier
4. Art
5. Candlesticks

Even the color is paired down to two: just black and white. The whole room looks effortless….

Simple doesn’t mean plain Jane though… Look at the legs on the table. The polished metal detail on the lower leg is stunning. I’m in love…as I am with the Calcutta floor – a marble I could have in every room.

Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong. Less is more… That’s typical Mom advice, and once again, she’s right.

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Dream Mom said...

Stunning! Love the black and white and all of the gorgeous details.