Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Eye for Entertaining…

The current issue of Elle Décor gives us a peek inside the life and style of Courtney Cox. Like me, she enjoys renovating, so it’s fun to keep tabs on what she’s up to.

In her newest home, I was most taken by her outdoor entertaining spaces. These photos after all live up to the image the California lifestyle – living more outside than in.

My favorite is her casual pool bar… Belly up and you could easily be at a private resort hotel – very likely what she’s influenced by... The windows opening-up are fantastic, fashioned after ones seen in a local food truck. This place is fun and relaxing all in one.

And if that’s not enough, I LOVE the fire pit lounge - only a wall of minimalist glass separates you from the view. You HAVE to have parties here, although there is no lack of enjoyment - party of one. She says she has coffee here every day. Who wouldn’t - it’s dreamy…

With all this, you could easily spend all of your time at home – maybe even kiss your renovation days goodbye. BUT something tells me if she’s true to form, there will be more….

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Dream Mom said...

Love the casual pool bar! Actually, it all looks really great.