Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In A Land Far Far Away….

AD featured Villa Tre Ville in their current issue, and if a picture’s worth 1000 words, it’s worth just as many clicks. After falling in love with the opening image, I just HAD to see more…

The Villa Tre Ville's website is amazing. Unlike most, who show a glimpse or two, they share everything, and a Lot of it. Check out their gallery and you too will be drugged by the imagined experience.

How could you not want to go there after a long look into paradise? This place is stunningly gorgeous – a pristine white architectural backdrop over blue sky and water - the perfect canvas for interiors infused with color and pattern.

BTW, I’m loving the herringbone blue and white tile floors, the wall molding, the porthole windows, the arches, all of it.... The bathrooms there are heavenly too. And the view - as good as it gets perched high above the Amalfi coast overlooking Positano.

Seeing all this I’m instantly inspired get away, not just anywhere, but absolutely here.…

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