Thursday, May 26, 2011

Primping Station…

Look at this…

When I saw it I thought, what a calm and elegant bath. I’ve always wanted a separate vanity from my sink. BUT guess again – it’s not in the bath at all, it’s the hallway between the master bath and bedroom. I love this. A primping station in what’s otherwise wasted space.

The design is so simple and brilliant for making a small area appear open rather than cluttered – floating drawers, Lucite pulls, and glossy white lacquer. It’s perfection… But why stop there when you can have a pair of amazing sconces peeking through the mirror?

In my bathrooms I always have mirrors on both sides of the room to create dimension and give guests another place to get pretty. This is the perfect solution for living in NYC where visitors come in multiples and you only have one bath. It also reminds me of the old days when Mom, Sis and I would all get ready in a similar room just outside the functional bath. A lot of hair curling, make-up, and deciding what to wear went on there….

Thank you House Beautiful for bringing us this – it’s pretty, useful and a keeper of an idea.

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