Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Plus Plus…

For me hardware is like jewelry. I love going to the decorative hardware section of any store and am always on the hunt for it at flea markets and antique shops. Sometimes I wish I could just buy the hardware right off a piece and let the rest go.

Vintage hardware is great, but often it needs re-plating and finding enough can be a problem. New is much easier. It may mean waiting for a special order, but in the scheme of things, it’s worth waiting for and I can get it again and again.

I always pay up for the pretty stuff as it can completely change the look of any piece. Not too long ago a client had a console from Ikea that she wanted to keep. We upgraded the hardware and it actually looked like an expensive piece – a 360 change from the way it looked originally.

I’m drawn to the hardware on this dresser shown in a recent ad for Century furniture. And that’s not all. The whole package here is A plus plus…

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