Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art Party

When I went home to visit, my sister she took me to her neighborhood art party. This was a whole new concept for me - a DIY home gallery exhibit.

Everyone from the neighborhood with artistic talent brought their work to showcase. From grade school to adults of all ages, everyone was well represented. There were water colors, oils, charcoals, quilts, and intricate Japanese embroidery. Some were for sale, others were just for show.

The hostess hung the art throughout her home with a card displaying the name of the artist and the work. She also cleverly placed food and wine stations in different rooms - a great way to encourage wandering and mingling.

Finding out the process behind the art was fun too. I learned about how one artist made her silk and thread and spent years mastering the ten levels of Japanese embroidery. Another artist brought her sketch books so we could browse through. One in particular I liked was a high school art project. His Mom said he got a C on it. No way. I’d hang a C like that on my wall anytime. My niece contributed a watercolor that hangs on her bedroom wall. She should do more of these - her choice of color is amazing…

What a fun and creative party to go to and throw. So glad I got to tag along.

BTW it's been an extended holiday for me this week so I'm a little late in posting...

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