Thursday, February 24, 2011

High Style...

I’m always on the look out for inspiring ideas and this one came from a fashion designer – Jason Wu in Elle Decor. Look at these book shelves – each row is arranged slightly differently and the height shrinks row by row as you go up. I Love the way this looks – very cool and imaginative, and this is a design I’ve not seen before.

High ceilings are perfect for vertical storage, and I tend to use every inch. I thought mine were high at 11.5 feet, but these have me beat.

Another Love here - the chairs… The name says it all: the Charme Chair. Yes, I’m charmed.

The Conran Shop in NYC used to carry these little beauties, and they were on my list of must haves - for the day I hit the lottery. CS no longer carries them here, and I’ve yet to hit, so at $1000 each, I’m still dreaming. I love their small delicate profile and the trim tufted seat. They come in black as well, but you can probably guess - I’m after the white.

A table full would be really glam.
A single in a bathroom would look simple, clean, and graceful.
And if you’re Jason Wu, they're the perfect desk chairs for your rock star space.

Style is style whether in interiors or fashion, but sometimes you find both in one place – a bonus…

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