Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Light Magic...

I’m always looking for ways to bring more light in.

My top picks are:
1. Placing mirrors in key locations to draw in light and views
2. Using polished and reflective finishes.
3. Choosing window coverings for maximum light - curtain panels over roman shades
4. Opening up walls between rooms to encourage light travel

Option 4 requires demolition, but it’s worth absolutely every penny. I do this ALL the time. By adding interior windows and doors you can create views into other rooms and bring views of the outside in. The benefits are big - a perception of more space, better traffic flow, and more light and air travel.

In the last two renovations I used this trick to brighten up my spaces and replace blank walls with views - images 1 and 2 show before and after. To start, look to add new openings near windows. This is a great way to balance light between rooms, so as walls come down, the light from bigger windows streams into rooms with smaller ones. I selected clear glass doors for maximum effect, but solid or mirrored ones are also options.

Several variations are out there - pick any one. Two single openings split apart give the room symmetry and some privacy, while creating a focal point space in the middle. I put my mantle here. Art would be great too. Other options – try double doors or interior windows.

I’ve blogged about the Rive Gauche Rehab blog before. I love checking in on their progress. In their newest renovation they are widening a single door opening to a double for a similar effect.

I never tire of this. It’s pure magic…


Lake0z said...

I love seeing the before picture from your former living room. Thanks for sharing!

kelly giesen said...

Thank you... It is always fun to look at the befores so you realize how far a room has come. I didn't take as many this time around but I have a few which I will show eventially with the afters.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Hi Kelly, I just discovered your blog and am loving this room you did. HUGE congrats. It's beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Hi Kelly,

I've been reading your blog for a while - love your style! Your living rooms is beau-ti-ful! Would you happen to know what company and pattern the club chair and little ottoman is covered in? I have a chair just like that I've been wanting to recover and love that fabric.
Thank you!