Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Luxury of Clean Laundry…

I did 5 loads of laundry last night and I feel good…The fresh clean smell alone makes me happy. I wish it came in a bottle, and had more staying power.

BUT in NYC the process of doing it leaves something to be desired for many of us – especially those of us in prewars. New construction buildings usually have the coveted W/D in them, but older buildings like mine put the “no” on that - supposedly the pipes can’t sustain the added burden of bubbles. And if you sneak them in, and get caught, something probably went terribly wrong. If however, you are lucky enough to have a W/D when you go to sell your apartment, the pay-off is big.

Some prewars have a state the art laundry room, usually in the basement. Although getting it all down there is a pain, you can do multiple loads at once if you have an elevator. My first apartment was a walk-up, so laundry night meant going up and down 6 flights, many times over. Exhausting…

Our building on the other hand has one stackable per floor which is great, but if you have more than a couple loads or the floor is occupied, up the stairs you go, big bag in hand. My invention would be this – a machine that would buzz the apartment when it's done. This would keep people from leaving it there for hours, and others from waiting. Another perk - no more runs out in the hall to check progress.

Inevitably when doing laundry I always start dreaming of the perfect laundry room, complete with sorting hampers, a sink, a folding counter and a wall mounted ironing board. For all of you in the suburbs this is the norm, but to city dwellers, it’s pure heaven…

Here BTW are some lovely ones.

Sarah Richardson did the bottom one on Sarah’s House and I loved it. The electrical panel is hidden behind the wall art – so smart. The quilted stainless backsplash is always a favorite of mine in kitchens and perfect for this room as well. That along with the translucent upper cabinets and the blue front loaders gives the room an industrial cool look.

The top one is making me want to do my laundry. The windows and wallpaper add charm while the white looks clean. The TV in this space is a list topper - you’re occupied, so you forget actual work is being done.

Sooooo, what are the must-haves in your laundry book?

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