Monday, August 9, 2010

Cute Chairs…

Like light fixtures I have an obsession with chairs. I love them. There are so many styles that I want even just one of. I could easily have a storage space for chairs, just so I could rotate them around…

These dining chairs are really cute. The low profile and subtle heart shaped back remind me of my own living room slipper chairs, but these are dining height. I actually tried mine next to my table base for the ends, but they’re just too low, so I am on the hunt something else.

This time around I’m doing benches on both sides of my dining table with one thought in mind - open up the visual space as much as possible. When you walk into the room you look over the table into the living space, and with chairs there, it looks cluttered, distracting and messy. I can’t have that, so benches it is… Now this is something all together new for me, BUT I have to have at least one chair, and if I can work in another, then maybe two.

I have a furniture file for someday custom designs, mostly vintage. These chairs will go in the file, with one small change. I would opt for a different leg - something more curved and glam. That’s the beauty of custom made, you get exactly what you want….

So many chairs, so little space

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deirdre g said...

These chairs are really cute. I think they are perfect fit for my new condo.

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