Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is Your Head Spinning?

I’m a little late here in writing this but Margaret Russell the former Editor in Chief of Elle Décor is taking on Architectural Digest. I am a huge Elle Décor fan and always look forward to opening my mailbox for the latest issue, and although I get Architectural Digest, it came as an unfair replacement for Domino. When this happened I was crushed…

So yayyyy, thanks to Margaret I’m sure to start loving my AD subscription after all. BUT I say that as I sincerely hope the vibe at Elle Décor stays strong. After all I want more to love not less.

This comes on the heels of many other recent changes inside my mailbox - Stephen Drucker from House Beautiful to Town & Country, Newell Turner at the helm of House Beautiful, and Dara Caponigro coming to Veranda from my long lost Domino. My head is spinning - it’s hard keeping track….

In any event I’m really looking forward to what they bring mailboxes everywhere. After all these days we can all appreciate a little positive inspiration and creativity, instead of yet another new subscription replacing something else we loved and lost.

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