Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3D Happy Hour

Yesterday I had my new flat screen delivered – my second one. The one I originally bought for my living space is now in the bedroom.

But why you ask?

Well after a year plus of waiting and suffering though the All Black TV market, Samsung has brought back silver - in a big way. I waited as long as I could when I bought my first TV, before caving in and buying black. I was crying on the inside, but what else was a girl to do?

Recently I walked into PC Richards and gasped. There is was…. a vision in silver metal and Lucite – the TV I had wanted ALL Along. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw looking in the window at shoes when she said, “Hello Lover”.

OK, time for an immediate change in plans…off to the bedroom for the black one in with silver for the living room.

In the bedroom, my contractor dug out the 6 inch wall about 4 inches and recessed my flat screen in it, so it’s flush with the wall. And since it’s on the wall as you walk in, you can’t even see it’s there. OK, I’m loving this – a keeper.

My silver stunner will be recessed on the other side of the very same wall, but this time we plan to build the wall out a few inches to create a recess, similar to the way this fireplace wall was done in Elle Décor, a room I love BTW. This will also give the crown on the ceiling a nice in and out detail that adds interest to the room. One TV is recessed in and the other will be out, but in the end, both will look exactly the same.

Soooo the TV arrived yesterday and my contractor called to tell me it was missing something – the 3D glasses. I knew this, as the store told me to stop in and pick them up. I get motion sickness easily, so 3D is not much of a draw for me, but he informed me that it’s a very cool feature, and I should make sure to get a couple of pairs. These will not be for me, of course, but for my contractors, as they want 3D. I had to laugh…

Everyday at 4:00 they go across the street to Starbucks and bring back coffee for happy hour and TV at Kelly’s. Now they can have happy hour in 3D. Imagine that, another way to make your contractor’s happy. Who knew?


Nichole @ Parlour said...

By all means! Get out there and get those glasses! You MUST keep those contractors happy.

Thank got they are starting to make silver again.. It's SO much better than the black hole TV's. Now if they could just work on the prices.

kelly giesen said...

I am soooo thankful that silver is back. I had this conversation with a client of mine that was also so upset about her black one. The prices have remained pretty stable but thanfully they came down from the original flat screens that were 10K.

BTW my contractor said another silver one in 55 inches was delivered yesterday to a neighbor who saw the 3D and fell hard. Should be fun to see...