Monday, July 19, 2010


I settled on the design for my kitchen transom windows a while back - a starburst design to tie in my sputniks and contrast with the circles and ovals throughout my space.

Originally I saw these salvaged windows from the old Con ED building and thought they would be perfect, but unfortunately they’re cast iron and wayyyy too heavy, so I decided to knock them off in wood. My contractor doesn’t know it, but if he did, he’d thank me. By contrast, my mullions will be backed in mirror rather than chicken wire glass to reflect light.

My only concern - in a 36 inch square, what if they are a little too over the top?

I deliberated and decided instead to modify the design to make it a tad smaller and bit more subtle. A cross with a smaller X overlay – star like. Turns out they will be perfect with my recent switch in lighting - from glass chandelier to glass starburst.

I haven’t seen them yet, but in my mind they’re pretty - fingers crossed.

When I saw this little desk I immediately loved the pulls – the very same design. Talk about cool hardware.... I would snap them up in a minute in polished chrome, but I suspect they’re probably vintage. Shoot. I may have to have these made someday as well…

Anyway, as I wait for my transoms, I thought I would start the week with a little star-like inspiration….

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