Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carolyn Quartermaine Continued...

Here are some additional rooms by Carolyn from my save file. Some are Traditional Home circa 2004 while others graced House Beautiful years earlier.

I was first inspired by her designs when I saw this lovely London bedroom. In a crisp white and girly hot pink. It's so simple and fresh. I’m sure she's changed it by now, but in my mind it’s still there and it’s perfect. I would love to have curtains in pink silk taffeta one day. How could you not wake up happy there?

And let’s not overlook the weathered peachy room – it had me at the coverlet…amazing pattern with a hint of shine. I absolutely love it.

She spends a lot of time antiquing, as I do, which is evident in all her furniture, but the way she brings them up to date is unique. Never matchy-matchy – each is one of a kind.

Her perspective on vintage is also something we share. “I am fascinated by the life of objects – that something had a history and will go on beyond me."

I agree and in fact sometimes wonder about the past lives of the things I’ve collected. Who did they belong to? Did someone love them as much as I do? What types of rooms and homes were they in? What events happened around them? Who will enjoy them long after me?

Well if they could talk… I'm sure there would be much to say and plenty to learn.