Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Star Inspiration

This design inspiration comes from a starlet rather than the more literal starburst I wrote about on Monday….

The August Issue of Vogue has Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover. I just couldn’t pass by the newsstand without picking it up. I’ve seen her homes featured before, and they are always beautiful – glam without question infused with elements of fun. Her Hampton’s home from the last House & Garden, rest it’s soul, is in my save file somewhere, and I still remember it.

She has a cookbook coming out next year, so this article featured her kitchen - elegant and lovely just like she is. It’s white with polished nickel accents, giving it an airy, crisp, and clean feel, but it also appears to be super functional (plate racks, open display space, and exposed cutting board storage). BUT my favorite part I'm sure you've guessed – the marble. I especially love the chunky stone apron all the way around and the sink is gorgeous.

As you know I’m the biggest fan of marble, but I’ve never fabricated the sink in stone. I guess I’m fearful about what it would become. Instead I always opt for fireclay in a bright white that blends well with the stone, but this gets me thinking...maybe I'll do a marble apron on mine next time.

I LOVE this space. A kitchen is a place everyone loves to be, whether you cook or not, and it’s always the “hang out” at most parties. This one is no exception - pretty, pretty…. It’s also a sharp contrast to her darker hue kitchen in the Hamptons, also lovely by the way.

I wonder what the rest of the place looks like? Fingers crossed we get a peek at that someday too. I have no doubt it’s equally inspiring...


House Hunting in Paris said...

If you're talking about her NY apartment, you can view the portfolio straight from the source - the interior design firm has a
picasa web album here.
They have a blog too but I think they've deleted the original post describing the renovation process.

Karen said...

HH in P - great find! So pretty - Apple's room is adorable.

kelly giesen said...

Oh great. Thanks so much for the link!