Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tabletop Envy…

One glimpse of this image in Elle Décor and I started getting excited to unpack. Most of my unpacking is glassware. I can’t remember when I wasn’t collecting, and living only blocks from the flea has not inspired any slowing down. Packing is always brutal but unpacking is like an endless holiday – unraveling one beautiful thing after another from paper. And the best is, after endless months in storage, everything seems new again.

I love tabletop and it started young… My Mom liked going to antique shops, so her strategy was a smart one: get us interested in collecting, and we would love going too. It worked like a charm. Between Mom and my sister we have a glassware collection to die for. Lucky for them they can share when entertaining. Up here, I’m on my own, but for my friends, I’m the go-to-girl at party time.

What I loved about this image is how it conveys the magic of mix and matching. This is why collecting creates such beautiful tables - nothing needs to match, it just needs to look good together. You can easily have a table of random wine glasses that look like they were meant to be together, or collect china piece by piece. In addition, like decorating a room, traditional and modern go well side by side.
All you need is the room to store it all…a problem for me.

Here I especially love the design and colors in the dinner plate by Vera Wang. I’m also drawn to the random nesting and lotus bowl accents – lovely. Hmmm I wonder if my cabinets could hold just a few more, or maybe I can get rid of something? I’ll soon find out…

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