Friday, May 14, 2010

Been There – Loved That…

Last week I met a friend at Tartinery in Nolita for lunch. She always picks the best places….

The food was great – yummy open faced tartines (aka sandwiches), banana nutella for dessert, and the BEST EVER cappuccino. So much so that my friend had three. I understood why after my one.

All food aside, the design also left me inspired…

A multi-level space, it’s small, but their approach was nothing short of brilliant. Here’s why:

By removing half of the floor space on the upper level, the storefront windows opened into the basement. Downstairs the result was impressive – a 25 foot ceiling and a view anyone would love – tree branches, sky and the occasional passerby.

Basements are usually not appealing to be in, no matter what you do, but sitting on the lower level, the light streamed in… Add a live tree growing up the middle of the dining room, and the net effect is perfect.

I wondered how they came up with the design. Were they standing in the basement looking up at the trees, thinking let’s scrap the floor space in favor of light and views? Did everyone agree? I’m not sure I would have taken that risk without losing sleep, BUT they were 100% right.

I also liked the raw industrial materials: exposed brick throughout covered by wire mesh, a rustic fireplace, and lots of clever up-lighting. Another highlight – a chalkboard covered wall on street level for menus, and again in the bathrooms for guests to draw and leave notes. Everything was plain, simple and beautiful.

I love anything French and I’m always looking for new places to go, but the best is walking out the door thinking, so when can I get back here? Well, hopefully soon…

Sadly the pictures here do not do it justice - Tartinery 209 Mulberry Street (212) 300-5838.


sari said...

Hi Kelly,
It sounds great.your timing was just right.I will be going there next week with my friends for lunch.
Thank you for the recommendation and
beautiful pictures.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Great pics! I miss NYC so much!

丁SeritaG上心 said...
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Hamptontoes said...

Looks like a great little spot. I love NYC for all of the fabulous little gems.

Kelly Giesen said...

I love finding new places to go too - especially here as there are so many. Restaurants are great for inspiration.

Sari - have fun and let me know what you think.