Friday, February 19, 2010

Blown Away…

Or maybe pressure washed is the term to describe my new shower experience. Moving from the 10th floor to the second has its water pressure perks. Wow… Truly it’s like a monsoon in there. Showering on 2 - super fast.

This brings me to the topic of shower must haves and the top of the list - a great showerhead. There are many choices and selecting the right one isn't easy.

Is it possible to find one with design and function all in one?

In my studio I had a Speakman which was great. The ability to vary the spray and the pressure is nice, but the look was a little vanilla, so I left it for style.

The next time I went for old-world ambiance and tried something all together different - the rain head. My shower guru warned me I would not like it, and he was right. Yes, very pretty to look at but wayyyy too relaxing and soft for me – never again.

This time I tried middle ground – a spray jet showerhead. This one is stylish, more modern, and more forceful (similar to this one shown here from Restoration Hardware). I like the all metal face, perfect, no black or gray plastic. Like the rain head it is a fixed spray, so you cannot make any adjustments to the pressure or the stream; BUT unlike it’s predecessor, the power is there. Lots of it… In fact if I turn the water on half way I am still happy.

OK now I’m officially spoiled for life because this will not happen anywhere else again - my own personal waterfall.

Other Shower Must Haves:

Thermostatic Control - TC
This allows you to pre-set the temperature so it stays constant. We have instant hot water so TC makes sure your temperature is perfect the minute you step in- no fussing to get it right. I missed this when staying elsewhere. You never have to worry about getting scalded or iced down without warning. The only problem? Making sure guests understand how it works. It can be confusing... There is a handle for temperature, and others to turn the water off and on - one for the shower, another for the hand held, and third for the bath.

A Hand Held Shower
There is no easier way to keep your tub clean than with this, a large sea sponge, and some Scrub & Bubbles - I absolutely swear by it.

Hooks rather than a towel bar in the shower or bath are perfect as you can grab your towel immediately and throw it up to dry - no folding required.


MaryBeth said...

Kelly, I absolutely agree with the shower head choice. I wanted a rain head but realized it would be too spread out to clean the shampoo out of my hair but everyone told me that it looked so nice but I never bought it. I now have a 8 nozzle speakman but don't like the way it looks. So I will be looking into the one you have listed and see if it is possible to change it out. Thanks.

Anna/Quilted Giraffe said...

Nice! I love the Sputnik chandelier. Where is it from?

Helen Guzman said...

Love the new bathroom.

Adrianna said...

I have never heard of TC, sounds like shower heaven. And for me a removable shower head is a must for clean up too!

Kelly Giesen said...

This was an inspirational bath, not mine but I loved it and especailly the sputnik. I have a soft spot for that and they work well in any room.