Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Simple But Never Plain

If you were to ask me what I miss when living in between renovations, one of the big things would be flowers. I always have fresh flowers and consider them essential to a beautiful space and happy life.

I love the look of both of these rooms as the flowers are so so simple – a repeat of one identical bloom and vase. This coupled with one tall and fall-as-it-may tulip is absolutely perfect - day to day or for any special occasion. And surprisingly enough, this look is every bit as elegant as any bunch of flowers. Why fuss over finding the right flowers and making a complicated arrangement, when this fast, easy-going style would do the trick?

The very long table here is dramatic on its own, but these paired down flower arrangements clearly show entertaining in this space is easy and fun. Take a look at the light fixtures by the way - they also look like small groupings of clear vases overhead - love them too.

I saw these pictures in my save file and they made me smile, so I thought I would inspire you to pick up some fresh flowers and resist the urge to arrange them any way but simple.


Anonymous said...

I love fresh flowers too. I always try to have a simple arrangement on my kitchen island.
It's funny...the first thing I noticed was the chandeliers in the dining room. It reminded me of our chandelier in our DR...it's not clear "vases" like this one, but a large rectangular piece with what looks like 18 frosted globe covered candles, hanging from 4bamboo inspired rods. It's new and we LOVE it.
Thanks for the blog...I look forward to your new posts.

Kelly Giesen said...

So glad you enjoy the blog. Your fixture sounds great. Lighting is one of my absolute favorites. If you have a great fixture, you are set.