Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beauty & Function

I like my bathroom to be pretty and functional. Part of what makes it special are the accessories, so I collect old bottles, cups, decanters, and jars and adapt them for everyday use. They are beautiful to look at and they also help me get ready fast.
  • A bee encrusted perfume bottle holds my eye make-up remover
  • An etched powder dish my cotton balls
  • The fancy little cup my Q-tips

Other Bathroom Vanity Must-haves:

  • Aveda Rosemary Mint Liquid Soap – smells wonderful & guests always want to know what it is
  • Antique linens – useful and pretty
  • Small flower arrangements – the perfect way to start or end every day…

Why choose beauty over function when you can have both?


Dream Mom said...

What I love about your designs is that you always bring vintage elements in and mix them with the new and it makes what could have been a cold space very pretty. I love the bathroom. The sink alone without all of the pretty dishes would be cold and sterile. The flowers are just perfect. I'll have to try the liquid soap.

I too use pretty glass dishes along with some clear depression glass candleholders in my bathroom. It's especially wonderful when bathing by candlelight to have all of the crystal sparkle.

Kelly Giesen said...

Yes - there is nothing like the sparkle of crystal to make any girl happy in a bathroom. The only risk is having it drop to the floor. Another reason to keep collecting...