Monday, November 23, 2009

Home for the Holidays...

I am home for Thanksgiving – one of my favorite times of the year.

This picture takes me back to a Thanksgiving several years ago in my first studio in New York. My entire family was coming up to see the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The balloons are blown up the night before just outside my building, so it is THE place to be. I was in the middle of the renovation so Mom brought all the food. All I had to do was pretty the place up.

Getting ready for the big day always involves setting a beautiful table. This day I was getting glasses down and turned around and there sat my little kitty – no taller than a wine glass, just trying to blend in. He was so small the fur had not grown in on his face and his ears are bigger than his head - adorable. He reminded me of ET in the closet between all the stuffed animals, so this picture always makes me laugh.

Mom sets her table days in advance and it’s great to see what she does new and the same each year. This year is no exception – it looks absolutely beautiful in pale pink and white. I have always been thankful that she takes the time to be creative and make us feel special. It’s not just about the food she always says, it’s also about the presentation. Words to live by…

It’s times like this that you really understand what they say, “there’s no place like home.”

Happy Thanksgiving.


Dream Mom said...

Your kitty looks so sweet on your table. I always laugh when I see him because even your cat blends in with your decor! Love the depression glass.

I took up tablescaping as a hobby this year and love it. There is nothing like a pretty table. I spent nearly the entire month of November in the hospital with my son however when he got flowers one day, I created the prettiest little tablescape. When the sun shone in, it made the whole place look a bit brighter.

Pink and white is one of my favorities. I would have loved to see your mother's tablescape. Out of curiousity, is she a designer?

Kelly Giesen said...

Having a cat who blends makes it easier to hide cat hair. The next one may be all white - hahaha. It is so nice you brighten up your son's room, as that surely helps lift his spirits. Moms are wonderful like that. Mine is not a designer but she was always decorating the house and taking extra time to get ready for holidays and special occasions. I grew up watching and learning from her starting at a very young age. One of my earliest memories is of a big pink cake she made for me on my birthday. She put it in front of me on a tall cake plate - something I still love and collect today.