Monday, September 14, 2009

Free Space

OK, I’m on a wallpaper kick with the last few posts, but I just can't help myself...

This image has been in my favorites pile for a long time. The design is amazing and one of my many favorite de Gournay patterns. And the color is stunning.

If that’s not enough, there is one subtle detail that absolutely "makes it" – the absence of pattern or free space near the ceiling. This is how it is designed. Rather than fill the wall from floor to ceiling with pattern as most papers do, the solid blue above makes the tree and bird design more realistic - in effect mimicking real sky above the bed. It also creates a more peaceful/less busy feeling in the room which is always key in a bedroom.

I have DG wallpaper and never ever tire of looking at it. In addition I also absolutely love the splashes of pink in the photo - the peonies, and the fancy embroidered skirt. I suppose that’s why it’s been in the save pile for so so long – to me a keeper on all levels.

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