Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Here is an example of the less is more wallpaper approach using molding. Panel molding is found frequently in prewar rooms, but it also works well in a modern space. The molding serves a dual purpose - it defines a specific area and provides a finished edge or frame. I love this look. It also saves on materials – another bonus.

Taping the design out on the wall beforehand will help you decide just how far or NOT to go. Once up, the overall look is both polished and crisp.

This gives the concept of leftovers a whole new meaning - unused scraps anyone?


Dream Mom said...

I love that look. The photo is great. Do you think that would look o.k. in a room or just odd when you have this piece of wallpaper framed in a room? I am looking at the wall in my apartment and wondering how it would be. I would really love to do it. Plus I like the fact that you don't need any picutres or anything on the wall. Living in an apartment, framing an area like that would allow me to update the room yet be easy to take down.

Love the sofa. Any idea of the name?

Kelly Giesen said...

I love that it becomes the art in the room and I think it would look great alone - not the least bit strange. And I agree, you can also change it easily if you go in another design direction in the future. I say go for it... Sorry I have no information on the sofa -but it is really cute - looks slipcovered.

Dream Mom said...

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I just love that photo! I've put it in my inspiration file.