Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Power of Curves...

I love curves in furniture, arches in architecture, and rounded corners. As luck would have it, my entry hall has a coat closet opposite the front door that blocks a clear view of the space beyond. Originally I lost sleep over how to make this work. The solution took some thought but turned out to be a keeper!

My contractor suggested curving the wall to open up the viewpoint. I loved the idea but was unsure about the amount of impact it would actually have until I saw it - WOW. It looks amazing and turned out to be one of my favorite features in the space.

How do you curve a wall?
Seeing it was inspiring - chicken wire covered with several coats of plaster created the beautiful curve.

How did we curve the chair rail and panel molding?
Although flex molding can be fabricated by special order, my contractor preferred a more nontraditional approach - he cut my molding into tiny pieces and plastered them together. The end result is truly remarkable, a detail that rarely goes unnoticed.

Funny how this happens - what started out as a negative feature ended up changing my perspective forever. Curved walls are now a "must have" for me. In fact I am already considering where I can incorporate curves in my next renovation. Now that my eyes have been opened I notice curved walls in many historic spaces. Everything old IS new again. Consider a curved wall when designing your next space and prepare to fall in LOVE...

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