Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Must See TV - Sarah's House

I love tuning into HGTV and Fine Living (FLN) for inspiration when I have down time. A favorite of mine on FLN is Design Inc as it shows the good, the bad, and the ugly behind the scenes in design. Sarah Richardson tells it like it is. She has great style, a fun personality and practical good sense. Her final reveal never ever disappoints and her steam of kicks are also entertaining.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to see her new show - Sarah's House. This is the show I have always wanted to see and one I've always wanted to do. Camera crews follow Sarah through a renovation room by room - from the raw "as is" space though the final transformation.

I cannot wait to watch the season unfold. I say tune in and set your DVR. What could be better than seeing a renovation without living through it - no dust, no stress, no dwindling bank account, no mess... and best of all it happens in a flash.


Dream Mom said...

I saw you tonight on LX tv; actually I was working on my pc when I heard your voice. I knew the voice but couldn't place it until I saw you. I remember seeing your studio apartment many years ago on Small Space Big Style. I actually kept the DVD of the episode featuring your apartment because I loved the mix of the old and new. It was just beautiful. I am glad I found your blog. I hope you will feature some of your client's projects.

As for Sarah Richardson, she is a favorite of mine as well. I wasn't aware she was on the FLN but did see her Design Inc.show when it was on briefly at HGTV. Prior to that, she did a show on HGTV called, "Room Service" that I absolutely loved. She is one of my favorite designers. She has a great sense of style always selecting an antique or so for a room and making every room look beautiful, comfortable and exquisite and as if it was there for a long time.

Kelly Giesen said...

Thank you! The studio was my first NYC project and I still love it. I was there the other day helping the new owners get roman shdes installed and being there still makes me smile. I am new to blogging so I hope to share client's projects as well as my own projects and inspirations Thanks for searching me out and finding my blog! Enjoy...