Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Having Fun with Swivels

I absolutely love swivel chairs. I find them frequently in vintage designs and wonder why we don't see them more from contemporary designers. They are fun to sit in and depending on the style, you have no idea a chair swivels until you sit down. A pair on the ends of a dining room table would be great in a fun fabric. I would even consider a swivel for a nursery. Why rock back and forth when you could swivel side to side?

One of my favorite little chairs was Room & Board's Bianco chair which has been discontinued. It was small and inexpensive but very versatile. I saw it popping up everywhere custom reupholstered in magazines and show houses in bedrooms, living rooms and even in bathrooms. Before they became the new "vintage" two of my clients bought a pair each. Lucky them...

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