Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All is Well that Ends Well...

Yesterday my sofa arrived and my love at first sight was reaffirmed after one glimpse in the truck. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get it in the apartment! Not so fast…

Plan A:
A simple elevator delivery - no chance, a couple inches made this approach impossible.

Plan B:
Walk it up 10 flights of steps – large, curved, very very heavy - also not an option.

Plan C:
Take it apart.
OK I can live with that. Here is what Plan C led to…

1. Lay the sofa on a blanket in the middle of the sidewalk on Columbus Avenue – watch out for dogs who wanted to leave their signature scent
2. Remove the underside cover, skirt and piping held on by hundreds of staples and peel back the fabric
3. Get out a saw and cut through all joints to separate the seat from the back – try to remain calm and not cry
4. Take up the two pieces in the elevator, one at a time
5. Inside the apartment refasten the seat and back together using metal plates with 6 screws each
6. Reapply the skirt, piping and underside cover with a ton more staples
7. Flip over, take a deep breath, and pray for the best…

I am happy to say that plan C was successful and the sofa looks like new! This drama took hours and was no inexpensive venture. On a positive note it provided great entertainment for all passersby’s on the sidewalk. Sadly I will need to go through this again when I move. And from my track record of doing renovations, this will be the most expensive sofa in US History – thank goodness I love it.

I am not the first and will not be the last to need this sort of interior design emergency assistance. If this happens to you, call Dr. Sofa “The Furniture Surgeon” to the rescue. They are experienced in these type of nail biting situations as they do this day in and day out: 1-888-8DRSOFA.

My drama is your entertainment today. I thought you would get a kick out of seeing the craziness firsthand…

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