Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Glass, Glass & More Glass...

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show was held this last weekend in NYC. I look forward to going every year as I always come away with one great idea or two. This year one booth really got me thinking – Cosmopolitan Glass (http://www.cosmopolitanglass.com/). I am a huge fan of using mirror and decorative glass in design so this booth was right up my alley.

They offer glass options custom cut to size in any color. They can laminate any fabric between glass and have a large array of pattern options in decorative glass. This could solve a common NYC problem of windows facing neighbors in buildings close by.

One of their true novelty items was their electronic privacy glass. It is clear until you flip a switch and then it becomes frosted. This requires wiring, but what a great option when privacy is needed only sometimes. It is quite expensive but aside from being useful – what a conversation starter…

Just imagine the possibilities… entrances, floors, wall partitions, skylights, countertops, backsplashes, shower doors, windows and doors

Basically if you can imagine it, they can do it! See for yourself…
Colored Glass
A Backsplash – Absolutely Customizable
The Hudson Hotel – Floor and Ceiling, Lit from Behind
An Embeded Photo Image Into the Glass

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