Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mantle Modern…

One of my favorite parts of a living space is always the mantle. I can’t put my finger on why, but I absolutely I LOVE them. It seems I’m always on the hunt for my next vintage find to put somewhere, but how do you retranslate a mantle and give it a modern sensibility, without making it cold?

Well here you have it… For a contemporary space this design appeals to me. It reads elegant and minimal, using what appears more like a pair of 2 floating shelves than what we’re used to seeing. Very cool… I’ve seen this image many times before, as the background for an ad for the Architectural Digest Show in the Spring, but when my issue arrived with the AD 100, I finally knew who to attribute it to – Penny Drue Baird. I checked out her site and she has two books as well. I really like her sense or architecture, which is a primary focus of mine when designing any space.

My philosophy: first things first – create a compelling architectural backdrop. Sometimes it’s hard to wait, or you may even opt to skip directly to step 2 – decorating; but for me the layered approach, in that order, is the absolute key.

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