Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pattern Perfect

I have had my eye on this rug by The Rug Company for a while... Color-wise it’s subtle, yet the pattern is anything but. RC is great – you can customize sizes, some colors, and apparently shapes too. I love that.

Every time I’ve seen this rug before, it’s been a rectangle, and it had me then, but as a round, I’m speechless. Seeing IS believing. Now it’s even higher on my list… And if that’s not eye candy enough – layer in the architecture (the curvature of the room, moldings, and Versailles wood floors) and this room is pattern perfect.

PS: I spotted this image in the November issue of Elle Décor at a friend’s house last week. Mine has yet to surface, and I was tired of waiting, so I bought it off the newsstand. Hmmmm…maybe my mailman liked it too.

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