Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Other Half…

I posted in July on the House of Windsor Concept House – a collaboration between Veranda, Windsor Smith and several other talented designers. At the time we only saw a sliver of this kitchen and at first glance it looked TINY. I knew it wasn’t though. After all this is in California, not NYC.

I couldn’t wait to see the rest. Well here it is….

Far from studio-size, this kitchen is high on style and even higher on appliances. Wow - I see more bells and whistles than storage here, even though I’m sure it’s in there somewhere...

I love the silvery metals, pale gray and Calcutta gold – a triple crown combination. I’m also drawn to the central table in lieu of an island. In this sized kitchen you'd expect to see both, but then again nothing here is expected.

This would be a wonderful place to entertain and cook. It's the perfect blend of styles and vibes: casual and polished, traditional with a modern simplicity.

I’m glad to see half of it, and yet another half remains unseen... If you want to see more of the Concept House, pick-up this month’s Veranda. It’s a treat.