Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little Something…

I always love marble on a floor but adding just a little something can take it from everyday to something special. In the case of my last bathroom, that little something was a handcrafted bronze lotus flower made to order.

This little number by Foundry Art comes in a variety of sizes and designs (1 x 1, 2 x 2, 3 x 3). The design is carved by hand in sculptor's wax first to create a cast for molten bronze. Once cast, each tile goes through several steps to smooth the surface and optimize the character before a final finish - buff, apply protective wax, and soft polish by hand.

When choosing these tiles you have to think beyond pretty… How will it feel on your feet? As it turned out, just fine, very nice actually. Thank goodness, otherwise a deal-breaker...

More considerations: what direction should it run (square or diamond-like) and how often can I afford to repeat it? There are no wrong answers.

All in all this little detail is a winner. It took a standard marble floor to the next level, and although it was pricey – it was soooo worth it! And the best of all -the day I left, it looked as good as day one. Now that’s a keeper.

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Dream Mom said...

Very pretty. Do you plan on posting pics of the renovation any time soon? Would love to see it.