Monday, June 13, 2011

Painted Printed Floors

I love the look of painted printed floors - this geometric is fantastic. This is Sara Story’s kitchen on Gramercy Park. I saw it on a house tour years ago and loved it. In fact the whole apartment was 5 – star.

I’ve never actually tried this myself from the fear of making a mis-step… What if I end up with a high maintenance nightmare or something that looks like a diy craft project? I take risks all the time so this goes on my Experiment & Try It List.

Once I try something on myself, I know if I would recommend it to clients – yes, yes with a few changes, absolutely not. In my latest reno I experimented with plaster and it was a hit, so I can cross it off my Experiment & Try It List. It’s a keeper…

In my current apartment, I replaced my wood floors with herringbone as mine were in awful shape, and once the walls came down, a lot of floor repair would be needed. I LOVE my new floors, but this would have been an ideal situation to give painted floors a try. After all if the floors are bad, you have nothing to lose.

I’m convinced the key is to find a professional with artistic talent and lots of experience – someone who knows the drill and doesn’t have it on their own Experiment & Try It List…

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