Monday, May 9, 2011

Icing on the Cake…

Last week the finishing details went into the apartment in the nick of time for House Tour. This is the fun part – when all the layers are in and everything comes together.

Ahhhh… after a year and a half of renovating and months of decorating, the apartment was finally ready. I’d like to say it’s finished, as that seems like the right word, but there are still little things to do. One of my favorite things came the night before – amazing new pillows for my sofa and bedroom from Michelle Hatch. I’ve been dreaming about them for quite a while….

I met Michelle two Gift Shows ago when she first launched her line, and she’s been on my list ever since. From the moment I saw her pillows, I knew they were “the ones”. The problem for me was choosing which one - every design is a winner. One of each? Two? I wanted them all…

Michelle is no stranger to fashion. She comes with 25 years of experience as a high end fashion accessories designer; and as the former creative director of Judith Leiber, she clearly has an eye for style and sparkle… By pairing Swarovski crystal accents with metal nailheads, her designs are room-makers.

Lucky for me, Michelle delivered my pillows herself. We had so much fun chatting about design and hearing about her inspirations was great. Her Edinburgh pillow is based on a ceiling in Edinburgh castle, and the Camelia (now on my bed) was a design done patent leather originally by Alexander McQueen. Michelle and I have a lot in common – she collects and uses patterns in new ways, just as I do with architectural salvage. Very cool….

Never underestimate the power of accessories, especially pillows. They can make a piece of furniture and bring a whole room together in an instant - money soooo well spent. I waited a long time, literally for the renovation dust to settle, before getting mine, and I LOVE them!

For more on Michelle’s pillows check out her website. I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with next….


Michelle said...

Wow, thank you so much Kelly for the endorsement and support. Your apartment is exquisite and I've been raving about it all weekend! What a vision you had to transform it in such a beautiful way. Brava!

Kelly Giesen said...

Thank you... Your pillows are a highlight.