Thursday, April 21, 2011

Up Up and Down

In the city you can’t help but take advantage of every vertical inch. After all real estate costs a pretty penny here so you may as well enjoy ALL of it. My ceilings are over 11 feet high – pretty and perfect for storing things up up and away.

People ask all the time. How do you get up there? A ladder. Where do you store it? In my closet in 4 inches of space. Seriously, I kid you not…

My great little collapsible ladder is ideal for vertical living. Here are images of it from the Apartment Therapy Cool Spaces shoot. I’ve had it since my first studio, and it gets a ton of use…

When I came across this other image a while ago I could relate – this is life in NYC for me to a tee. Before almost every party, I’m doing just this in a dress and heels.

I know my way around a ladder - I’ve painted many a place and have been storing things above my head for years. Last weekend I was going up in a hurry and forgot to lock it in place. The next thing I knew the ladder was gone, and I was face down on the hardwood. This has never happened before. Note to self – never again forget the locking feature. Lucky for my wrist and ankle I’m fine, but my table got 2 nice new dents. I was bummed and thankful at the same time.

Despite all this, having a ladder that folds into nothing is a life changer. I ordered mine from Gracious Home about 11 years ago – I can’t imagine living a day without it….

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