Friday, March 11, 2011

A Snap It Up Vase

Good accessories are a must have and not easy to find, so when I see something good I snap it up….

I ran across this great little vase at West Elm. My favorite one is the short bulb which is part of their Clear + Opal Glass Vase Collection. It’s a winner.

The white wavy stripe running down either side looks like something was just poured in. I’ve seen this style in glass before and it usually comes at a hefty price, but luckily not this one – it’s only $24.

My advice – get one...or several and line them up in the middle if your table.

BTW the milky glass bottle and bottle bulb are pretty too…


Juliana B2 said...

hey there -- this company has some terrific stationery...the owner is also redoing a lot of rooms in her home..I share your blog with her and thought you may enjoy hers

Kelly Giesen said...

Thanks JB!