Thursday, March 31, 2011

Architectural Relevance

Every Thursday I look forward to the House & Home section of the times. It’s like a treat. My cat looks forward to his treats every night, jumping into the air as I throw them. No jumping here, but this one’s unlike may other favorite treats, no calories…

Today I LOVED an article about a woman’s journey back to her childhood home. In the beginning she talks about how she thinks back to the house remembering all the little details as if she just woke up there from a dream. It’s been 40 years since she lived there, but the heart of what she really remembers and loves she realizes now is the architecture.

Architecture has that effect on me too. I LOVE it. My approach to designing has always been to recapture these old details, removed from other fine homes, and bring them back to life in mine. I wonder how many of these are in the memories of those who lived with and loved them too. I often try and imagine what the rooms they were in were like, and can’t help but be curious about the people who lived with them too.

I think back to my childhood home and imagine walking through room by room. We didn’t have a lot of architectural detail. What I remember is the furniture, the layout, and the decorating. Mom always says, you can’t go back once you leave as it is never how you remember it. I agree. I’ve done that before and was disappointed; but just the same, the rooms I create, like the ones in this article, will last in my memory long after, and hopefully in the memories of those who love them after me.

This shot is from the Plaza Hotel before the renovation. The mirror above the fireplace is now mine, and although not exactly the same style, I have a mantle from there too. This image is great to have. Now I know, rather than have to imagine, where it was before West 81st Street and me.

Here is a link to the article – Revisiting the House of Nooks and Crannies. Enjoy!

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