Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pop Pop Flowers

I LOVE the wallpaper in this dining room, so much so in fact that I hunted it down months ago at Fromental. It’s so simple and modern and super EXPENSIVE….

Unlike most papers this one is hand painted and if extra special is your preference, you can order it with embroidered detail as well. It’s pretty on the page but in person, it’s better, and after seeing it, the embroidery would be a “yes”.

If cost was not a deciding factor, I would design a room around this pattern in an instant. It’s got great movement and the openness of the design keeps it from appearing busy. Another option – paint one like it DIY. Tempting to say the least….

This dining room by Jan Showers just arrived in my mailbox courtesy of Veranda. Thanks V - I always Love her rooms as they are soothing and elegant. You can see this room again in Jan’s book Glamorous Rooms – a title that fits her sensibility to a tee. The wallpaper is the highlight but I also love the pair of mid century chandeliers. They add a modern twist, and if one is pretty, two is even better. And last but not least, the mirror. It too is a stunner!


Gabrielle said...

Good morning birthday girl, couldn't wait to see this paper you loved. I think we have to book a DIY weekend for this....
Has anyone else out there done hand painted wallpaper before, if so how did it go?

Lake0z said...

It is beautiful paper. But alas, I must adore it from afar! Thanks for sharing.