Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Roll of Tape & A Dream...

I've had this entry hall from Elle Décor in my save file for a while - the starburst wall is a show stopper, and yes I love starburts.

I remember reading it took days to custom paint, and I’m sure it did, but I’d almost be willing to try it DIY. A little painters tape and a lot of patience and I might just pull it off.

I did something similar in my first renovation in Baltimore. Instead of pricey mill work, I created the illusion of panel molding with tape. It looked really great, but I must admit this would be WAY better.

BUT would it go well or end in disaster? I’m not sure which: a lot of drama for very little cost, or a lot of drama, a few tissues, and a serious back-up plan (days of professional help as it took here).

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