Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blossom Branches

Yesterday I picked up some cherry blossom twigs at the corner flower shop. I’ve always LOVED them in restaurants and at parties, but until now, I’ve never brought any home. They’re usually in full swing by Spring, but seeing them this gray time of year was the perfect pick me up.

What started out as excitement quickly turned stressful….

I was trying to pick the branches I liked most out of a bucket over my head, but the twigs kept sticking together. One by one they started falling out of the bucket on top of the next row of flowers - avalanche style. Being caught between the branches, flowers, and the plastic outdoor enclosure was way more than I bargained for, especially with no help in sight. Note to self for the next time – do not attempt this on your own, ask for help.

BUT all’s well that ends well. An over sized vase and 3 branches later my kitchen looks sooo pretty. I love them, and already know I’ll want more as soon as the flowers drop off. Maybe the florist downstairs can order them for me. Fingers crossed - they’re amazing…

This pink dining room from Elle Décor is gives more Springtime inspiration on a snow day...twigs and all.

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