Thursday, November 11, 2010

Special Guest

I have a special guest coming this weekend – My Mom, or Marm as we all call her. I’m so excited to see her and can’t wait to show her my progress on the apartment. It’s her birthday too, so we’re celebrating with a full weekend of antiquing and cupcakes.

A lot happened this week – my bed skirt and window seat cushion came today. Two transom windows for my kitchen are due in the morning – fingers crossed. A wall of panel molding went up in the living room this week too, and my custom wallpaper sample arrived. The scrap I have hanging over the bed will give her a glimpse of what’s to come – when she visits the next time.

I love the feeling of progress… There’s still a ton of things left to do, but the apartment will be Marm-ready - well after a little cleaning and a few too many flowers, that is.

Looking so forward… Enjoy your weekend! I most certainly will.

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Friend_on_12 said...

Here's to a great weekend where your mom can feel special (and proud) in such beautiful surroundings created by her daughter. enjoy!