Friday, October 22, 2010

Umbrella Inspiration

I love the look of a great umbrella, especially the Asian inspired paper variety. They look so elegant, feminine and fragile. I’m also drawn to the patterns, which I try and infuse wherever I can.

This image in Town & Country shows Gloria Vanderbilt sporting her favorite sun umbrella – Amazing…. Right?

This got me thinking about all the pretty paper umbrellas I’ve seen hanging from ceilings – for parties or for everyday - I Love the look. Imagine one or several in a girl’s room or nursery…Gorgeous.

BTW Pearl River is a great place in NYC to get all kind sorts of Asian inspired things – paper lanterns, umbrellas, origami paper, fabric, slippers, dishes, tea sets…too much to name. It’s really worth a trip and in fact I drop in every time I’m in SOHO. There is also a great small shop on Broome somewhere between Broadway and West Broadway – similar vibe – pretty stuff.

Anyway, getting back on point – umbrellas… Here is a link to more umbrella-happy images for your Friday. Pretty yes, but hopefully we won’t need one this weekend.


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