Monday, October 25, 2010

Making Due…

High ceilings are a must have of mine but sometimes, if don’t have them, you have to make due. Or do you?

I love the look of a low hanging fixture in a space with lofty ceilings, but if you’re short changed in this area, why be stuck with a flush mount if you don’t have to? Instead go against the grain and shoot for low anyway. The trick is to find a place where you can easily pull this off – over a coffee table, a bed, or dining table. You can even go low over a chair versus a more typical floor lamp.

Here on the cover of Living Retro, a great book BTW, they actually have the height but went ultra low over the ottoman/coffee table. Not only does it look great, it creates that extra bit of ambiance and style.

Have you seen the selection of flush mounts out there? Not good, but no matter, create your own statement by designing low. The moral of the story - sometimes making due is simply thinking differently, which in the end is no sacrifice at all…

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