Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Every Inch Storage - So Clever

I always try and make the most of every inch wherever I can for storage, but books and magazines can add up fast, and you can’t possibly keep them all.

Check out these stairwell book shelves – a very smart use of space. I especially like the magazine cubbies, the pretty covers can double as art.

Kelly Wearstler is always designing in interesting ways around books. I love her use of a narrow book ledge. It’s newsstand like. Her earlier version was behind doors, but in her most recent book, Hue, it’s all open, library style. This is great for display, and having everything in plain view, makes finding what you’re looking for a snap. If I had the luxury of space, I would do this now, but then again, I can also see it as a fun alternative to art in a hallway.

Me - I’m the queen shallow storage solutions. I built a cabinet in my studio only a few inches deep for glasses and spices, another for shoes, still another in the bathroom for products, and a pantry for all things kitchen; but never one for books. Interesting... This is a very cool idea to consider for someday - same concept, even less space needed.

Well in this apartment, I’m trying something new - a narrow bookshelf behind curtains. Now you see it, now, and most of the time, you don’t. I’d rather you don’t, but if I keep buying design books, I’m going to need a more windows…


Simply Complicated said...

very creative!
any suggestions on what to do when you live in a studio apartment and have only one teeny tiny closet to share between two people? (besides getting rid of clothes!;])

kelly giesen said...

If you have an empty corner, create a corner closet. They are amazing. I did this in my studio and loved it. Go all the way to the ceiling. Here is a link to a post I did on corner closets in the 2nd apartment I did:

I also got a bedframe custom made that was high up off the floors to max the storage there in plastic bins that pulled out.

Also consider reconfiguring the bar height in the closet to make the most of what you have - get 2 bars in if you can and shelves all the way up.

Dream Mom said...

I love the first photo with the books behind closed doors, although it looks just as pretty with the doors opened. Magazine cubbies are cool-not as enamored with the colored book covers.

I like your idea of shallow shelving for books behind curtains. While I do like the look of books in a room, I like the look of a clean, uncluttered space better.

I've purged so many of my books over the last five years and only keep ones that I really love; the rest I get at the library. I order a few books online every week or so which allows me to indulge in the books yet I don't have to store them! In the past, I always loved rooms with a ton of books however now, I view them more as dustcatchers.